12 MPH Comic Book Characters

                    12 Miles Per Hour Comics

12 Miles Per Hour follows 8 women and as you see how their lives unfold you also begin to understand exactly what is going on in the comic book. So you get no spoilers you must follow the comic book. Each of their stories are intertwined and you will find out how and why.

About the Artist

My name is E.D. Watkins. I am an artist who loves to entertain. I begin the journey of creating this comics through imagination and wonder. I like the idea of creating worlds that are different and interesting but can also take your breath away at the same time. Every person in life story is different than another and so in this comic you’ll see a lot of different worlds reflected and intertwined. I hope you come back and follow what happens in these stories.

I truly enjoy telling stories and creating images to match them.  I hope you enjoy the comics!


E.D. Watkins



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